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Quality Control & Consistency

Quality Control & Consistency

Being ISO 9001:2008, IPSPL is committed to Total Quality in all its Products to exceed Customer’s Expectations. It has a dedicated team of Qualified Personnel’s who work to continuously ensure good and Consistent Quality to its Customer. We strictly follow ASTM F 1545 in our Quality Control Procedure. We have two stages to control over Quality


Incoming Material Inspection occurs when we receive Raw Material at our Premises. There are few Parameters on which we measure the Quality Strength of Raw Material.

1. 100% dimensional check on the basis of Material Test Certificates, Drawings etc.

2. Review / Witness of Chemical & Physical Test.

3. 100% Optical Check to avoid air Voids, Unfinished Surfaces, Pealing, Cracks, Impurities.
After inspection of the raw material, we maintained all the data in our Record which is called Internal Inspection Report. Through this System Traceability of material for Past Inspections are very easy.


Quality Control over finished Products are called Outgoing Q.C. again we have indifferent methods to Pursue this Procedure.

Hydro Test: As per ASTM F 1545 2003 we follow Hydro Test at 29.6 kg/cm2

Spark Test: As per ASTM F 1545 2003 we follow Electrostatically or Spark Test at 10 kva to 15 kva as per Client Requirement.

Optical Check: Again 100% visual check Conducted on finished Products to avoid Air Voids, Cracks, Unfinished Surfaces.

Dimensional Check: 100 % dimensional check conducted to close view of the finished goods as a Final Inspection.

We have also maintained the data of Outgoing Q.C in our records for References.