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DIP Pipe Manufacturer in India

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DIP Pipe Manufacturer in India

DIP Pipe Manufacturer in India

Innovative Solutions Private Limited, a company that deals with the production of fluoropolymer products such as lined pipes, fittings and valves. We are proud manufacturers of other goods too, like sheets, rods, bellows, ropes etc. As a manufacturing centre, we understand the need for quality products and therefore, we only supply high-standard commodities.  

All the pipes, valves, joints and fittings we offer are carefully designed to address the requirements of the market. Amongst these is our specially engineered product, called the DID Pipe. It is a unique type of pipe that is made of carbon steel and is lined with a PTFE liner. It allows products to be injected into reactors and columns, therefore creating conducive environments for formulated reactions to occur carefully. Within the same range, at Innovative Process Solutions, we have designed a DID Pipe with a Sparger. These are used to either charge a reactor below the liquid level or to extract samples from the reactor or even to drain liquid from vessels without the need of a side and a bottom outlet.  

Our aim is to continuously innovate to ensure better working environments through our products within all high-chemical using industries. Innovative Process Solutions is committed to making the best fluoropolymer lined products. Therefore, over the years, we have expanded our business globally to different countries like Thailand, Russia, China, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Qatar, UAE and Canada. This has allowed us to efficiently serve our customers world-wide. Our highly-skilled team also addresses questions and offers consultations as and when needed.  

You can rest assure that working with us will give you an international standard trading experience as we work in compliance with ISO policies. Also, all our goods come with an instruction manual to encourage maintenance and to provide direction for their safekeeping.  

We believe in providing the best-in-class service and we would love to serve you. If you are looking for DID Pipes then check out our products page and if you are looking for something else, then we would love to assist you in your search. So, send us an enquiry request today