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Lined pipe manufacturers

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Lined pipe manufacturers

Lined pipe manufacturers

Line pipe is a type of steel pipe that is used for transporting materials through pipelines across the country. Line pipe can be used to transport petroleum, natural gas, oil, and water. It is a durable pipe that must meet certain specifications and regulations.

Line Pipes are manufactured under regulations specified by API. The standard used worldwide in the manufacturing of line pipes is API Specification 5L. This specification defines that the pipeline will be used to transport crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas or water. The pipeline manufacturing industries produce two types of line pipes, i.e., seamless line pipe and welded line pipe.

Because line pipe needs to withstand high pressures, there are important tests done on line pipe to ensure it meets all of the requirements of steel chemistry, strength, toughness, and dimensional characteristics. Using line pipe that meets the set criteria will ensure safe and reliable pipeline service.

The thickness requirements for line pipe are determined by the maximum operating pressure required for a pipeline. This is based on published standards and federal regulations. Following proper safety regulations when selecting and installing line pipe, will ensure proper pipeline operation and prevent dangerous or hazardous situations.

As a leading pipe distributor and manufactures, we are not only able to supply new line pipe direct from stock or mill sources, but we can also add special coatings as needed. We can deliver line pipe and other stainless steel piping to nearly any worksite or location throughout the India. To learn about our current selection of line pipe and other our products please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us on 02668 – 263555 / 263666