“Traceability can be defined as an unbroken Record of Documentation or an unbroken Chain of Measurements and Associated uncertainties”. It is the ability to verify the History, Location or Application of an item by means of Documented Recorded Identification.

Here in Innovative we keeps track of a given set or type of information to a given degree. Through Traceability we chronologically interrelate uniquely identifiable entities in a way that is Verifiable.

In our organization right from the Raw Material we receives to finished Products One can trace the overall records related to Product. We have a unique Identification system to trace back the evidence which enables us to serve the Customer Requirement at any time.

When we receives the Raw Material we enter the data like Batch no, Heat No, Date, etc. in soft copies. At the stage of finished goods we gives Punch No for Product Identification.

Importance of Traceability

1. Reducing the risk of illegal or non-compliant material entering the supply chains
2. Improving effectiveness and efficiency
3. Increasing the Transparency
4. Promoting Companies Integrity
5. Reducing likelihood of recording errors